While other companies can take weeks to deliver, we work hard to meet your deadlines with time set aside for revisions.


Send us an email with your question or comment and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. No robots. Promise.


Before placing your order, we take the time to understand who you are, the purpose of the business, and the investment goals.


Placing an order couldn't be easier. For customers unsure about which service would best suit your needs, simply click the "contact us" button to send us a quick email. We'll be sure to get back to you ASAP to get the ball rolling! If you are sure about the product you're looking to buy, head over to the "shop services" tab in the header menu. You'll also be able to learn more about the different products in the product description portion. Clicking "add to cart" will allow you to purchase a service (or multiple services). As all services are custom and require customer information, this will be possible after you place the order. An email will be sent instantly to you requesting certain info to complete the service, so keep your eyes open on your inbox! All communication will occur through email.


Different services have a different delivery time which can be seen in the product description portion of the service listing (shop services > select product > scroll down). Generally speaking, the more customized the product, the longer the delivery time. Services such as SEO reports and logo mockups can be delivered within 48 hours at no additional charge. Acentius works hard to keep delivery times to a minimum, so if you have a specific deadline to meet, don't be afraid to mention it when submitting the information requirements after making a purchase.
Acentius operates on the Shopify platform to ensure all payments made are completely secure. As a result, Acentius provides customers with the option of either credit card or PayPal to make payments. Users looking to purchase using their credit card have the option of selecting wither Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX. The payment process is completely secure and encrypted. Credit card users may see "SHOPIFY" on their monthly statement.
The more information which can be provided about a company, the more accurate a pitch deck will be. We understand that a company (especially a start-up) may not have all the information required to create a pitch deck, which is fine! Pitch decks are completely editable when delivered, so this info can be edited later on. Important information that is required includes the company's name, logo, mission, mockups or demo, management team, any existing financials, investment requirements, revenue model, and any additional information they would like included. If an NDA is required to be signed before sending information, please send the NDA through email before placing an order.
Unfortunately due to an existing queue and limited time, pitch deck scripts are not a service that Acentius currently provides. Presentation design and persuasive writing are two very different domains.
Acentius strictly uses black text on a white background for all presentations. If you are looking for something highly custom (pink text on a black striped background) as opposed to a conventional pitch deck, then that is not a service which Acentius offers. Please view the sample pitch deck format that Acentius follows (think of the Air BnB pitch deck). The delivery format will be both an editable PPTX file and a non-editable PDF. Acentius does not deliver KeyNote presentations nor is that recommended as almost all investors request either a PPT or PDF copy of a pitch deck.
There are various differences between executive summaries in contract to business plans and proposals. The most obvious difference is that an executive summary is simply a summary of the company and it's services. A typical business plan is around 20 pages and describes the business in detail. For example, a business plan may list a page worth of experience on the CEO, while an executive summary would limit this to two sentences. On the other hand, a proposal is used when seeking a contract with another company. It includes multiple pages on product specs (size, weight, how to install) and price negotiations. A contractor may use a proposal to try to land a contract with a school for renovations, while an executive summary would be used by a company seeking an investment. Acentius does not provide business plans or proposals.
If a business plan has already been developed for the company then it will be sufficient in creating the executive summary. Otherwise, required information includes the company name, product or service being presented, product benefits, information on the management team (CEO, CTO, CFO), any unique marketing strategies, revenue model, and financial projections if possible. 1-2 sentences to briefly answer each requirement is sufficient.
As the executive summary is a company overview, but is also compressed onto one page, the five main business components are included. This includes a company overview on the product or service being solve, management section, marketing section, a short market analysis, revenue model, and financial projections. Please note that at the moment our executive summaries are restricted to only ONE page. Despite providing us with excessive information on your service, it will be summarized to fit on one page.
Three statements are included with three years of projections. These include a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and an income statement.
Absolutely! Statements can be printed or sent directly to investors to show projected income, expenses, net profit, and more. They can also be included in bits in an executive summary or pitch deck.
The more information provided, the more accurate financial statements will be. If a company has been active for some time, a list of expenses and revenue will be required. If the company has not yet made any sales, then a list of project expenses is required, as well as the cost of manufacturing goods, expected product retail price, a list of liabilities and assets, and the amount of investment seeking.
An SEO report is a customized report based on a website which improve the site's on-site and off-site functionality. Put it like this, you're a startup that has just developed a new website and want to make sure everything is running smoothly, that all links are working, that enough keywords are used to optimize search engine traffic, etc. Our custom made reports are created by humans which manually analyze your website. This allows companies to fix any site errors they may be unaware of, improve site credibility by ensuring functionality is optimum, and much more.
Logo mockups are a creative way to showcase a company's logo in difference scenarios that appear to be realistic. They can be shared on social media or used in promotional materials such as brochures or flyers. Mockups provided are of high quality and can be shared on any social media platform.
Acentius initially started off providing services on a popular freelancing site, The company quickly developed a popular reputation and in no time became one of the top sellers in the business domain. To share the owner's success, who was 18 years old at the time, various fiverr-related eBooks were created and shared with those interested in learning more on how a young student was able to develop and operate a business. Unfortunately, Fiverr closed down Acentius' account after 3 years of success on the site without justified reason. Acentius still shares these eBooks with users looking to learn more on how to grow themselves on the freelance platform.